When I see Larissa I still cant shake that feeling when I first laid eyes on her; the anticipation, hearing her heels as she walks to open the door, that smile that makes your stomach drop, always has me on my toes..

I’ll be frank. Initially I didn’t want to write this review. I was laying with Larissa talking our usual banter when I let it slip that I had read her latest review. Caught off guard, she asked me what I thought. I confessed my fear that if they keep coming she’ll have no time for me.

The embarrassment started to set in as she laughed, reminding me that I’ve been seeing her the same time every fortnight for months now. Still laughing away at my response, I start to feel slightly foolish for not having given her the grace she deserves.

A sexy petite blonde who will knock your socks off.. every time

Mark ~ Scarlet Blue

2 May 2017 

What can i say to describe the night i had with Larissa…

The Ultimate Experience, Unbelievable, totally mind blowing, and any other words you can think of..

From the moment I opened the door and saw this absolutely stunning person standing there with the most beautiful smile, to the time she left I was mesmorized buy the total experience..

Everything about her and the services she provides was faultless.

The kissing, so much passion and sensuality it made you want to just totally devour her then and there,

The oral, what she could do with her tongue and mouth, just phenomanal, I had to use total restaraint as not to blow within minutes of seeing her

The sex, I have never done so much and been able to go for so long like I have with Larissa…she just totally knows how to keep you in the game….Its just relentless, she constantley changes it up and is so spontaneous that you dont have time to not want to keep going.

She has a fabulous body and a pussy that just is so delicious and so inviting that i didn’t want her to leave,

I have had many escorts around Australia and none can even compare to what larissa has done to me.

Definitly will be booking her again when im in Sydney.

Do yourself a favour if you get the opportunity, book some time with her, you will hve the ride of your life..

and a warning, Get ready to get messed up about what fun is, she has just re written the rule book ( more like thrown it out ) and has started a new one.

and believe me in saying this, Time with larissa james there are no rules,,, 😉

Steve ~ Scarlet Blue

14 March 2017

Larissa is a yummy of the highest order. Totally cute, fabulous body, made me feel at ease when I was so nervous. And what a great kisser and oral artisan. But most of all, sexually enthusiastic. Not a clock watcher. Prone to be late.

Two nights in the same week in Jan 2017 were beyond my expectations. Communication went very well.
Just do it. She’s a fabulous and fun person and totally great in bed. Woke up next day and felt the best I had for years. I’ll be back for sure

Stuart ~ Scarlet Blue

20 February 2017

TLDR: Larissa is a fabulous woman, great to chat with, kissing and transition to the bed was effortless – and the bed manner was amazing. Made a second date 2 days later, and had another amazing time that night too….

  • Larissa was touring to Melbourne (from Sydney) – quick phone call, chat, book a date/experience and locked in
  • Onto the day and Larissa was running a bit late – but let me know just fine, and gave my/her enough time to get ready for our date
  • Instant fireworks – i had asked her to put on an outfit we chatted about prior to booking, and DAMN – she nearly burst my pants from the look/roleplay …
  • which led to intense and fantastic kissing – it took a bit longer to get to the bedroom due to mad kisses on the couch, floor and lounge tables … hot!
  • once in bed… won’t divulge more than, excellent at everything she does and i had no trouble taking it all in and leaving happy and energised from what happened

Looking forward to her return, or a trip up to Sydney …

franky4fingers ~ Punter Planet

14 November 2016

Meeting Larissa was like a trip to paradise – from the time i saw her, i felt an impulse to take her in my arms and share an indulgent kiss that took both our breaths away.. and this was the first 30 seconds of meeting!

From there, we shared a great whiskey which is a love of Larissa’s, over the start of a conversation to get to know each other that further strengthened our attraction to each other – further passionate kissing ensued, with our bodies grinding slowly and surely together and an attraction that only clothes kept apart – i carried her to the bed, petite frame wrapped tightly around my torso.

The clothes went off, the bed became the destination and all sorts of pleasures were had… I won’t go into all the sordid details, but needless to say Larissa was definitely a top of the line woman who made seconds feel like minutes, each moment taking us further – we both lived deeply in the moment and took each other to a climax that can only be described as phenomenal!

Larissa’s one of the amazing women out there, i wouldn’t hesitate to see her again…

frank ~ Scarlet Blue

11 November 2016

I had the pleasure of spending time with Larissa this week, and I have to say it was a 10/10 experience. Larissa is a sweet, natural, girl-next-door type, who transforms into a lithe, scorchingly sexy vixen when the lights go out.

Organizing our date was really simple with Larissa responding to my SMS quickly and cheerfully. When I arrived at her apartment I was greeted by an absolute vision of shimmering beauty. Larissa took the trouble to wear one of the stunning outfits from her photoshoot, that I had commented upon when setting up our meeting – a really lovely touch. Not only is Larissa gorgeous, she is also a gracious hostess, a skilled conversationalist and has a lovely lightness of spirit about her that makes you feel warm and comfortable just being in her presence.

As for what happened when we entered the bedroom, well a gentleman never tells, but believe me it was a passionate, unbridled, unforgettable experience that left me utterly satisfied body and mind. I’ll definitely be seeing Larissa again.

Supertrev ~ Scarlet Blue

21 October 2016

Was heading away for a few weeks which meant a stay at the airport so I though I would look around and see what I could find. Having not seen many ladies at all someone new was on the cards and Larissa immediately caught my attention. Not too many reviews at all I thought what the heck and sent of a few texts and the booking was made for the following week very easily. Any questions or requests were never a problem.

Looking forward to the meeting all week and it didn’t let down. After a slight problem getting into the hotel I met Larissa in the hotel lobby and I gotta say she is drop dead gorgeous (which got me nervous straight away..) Up to the room as Larissa puts me straight at ease, she is very easy to talk to and we found out we had a few things in common which was great.

Into the good stuff and Larissa was happy to take the lead. She is an absolute stunner with an amazing body. Everything was perfect from her kissing, BBBJ and sex was amazing (hope she agrees ????) So glad I decided to go with Larissa and I won’t be looking anywhere else in the near the future, I’m hooked!!!!

bad_boy_24 ~ Punter Planet Forums

16 October 2016

Wow! What an absolute stunning and gorgeous women, her soft comforting voice that eased my neves when greeting me at her door to relaxing the tension in my body with a full body slide. From the moment I contacted Larissa there was a genuine interest in what I was looking for or into. After a few texts a date was set and I was sweating bullets! Trying something like this for the first time!

Knock knock, I was a little shy and anxious but she instantly calmed my nerves with a kiss offered a glass of whisky (you got to love a girl that loves a good scotch) . We sat and talked for a short while then after a brief shower(still slightly freaking out a little) we begin to fool around, I’m sure you can use your imagination to guess what happened, but as a true gentleman I never brag, all I will say is that it was the best few hours I’ve had in a long time!

I now have had the pleasure of seeing Larissa a couple of times and each occasion is something new and exciting, I’m looking forward to my next visit in the not to distant future. A true 10/10 experience with a beautiful women.

Till next time Larissa

Damien ~ Scarlet Blue

28 September 2016

A REAL girlfriend experience!

As an escort virgin, I had always procrastinated about making the decision to book a date. With a sincere lack of affection and sexy appeal at home had thought seriously for years about making the big decision. After being completely captivated by a picture of Larissa I found on Instagram, I took a breath and decided to push the send button on the email. Little was I to know, it would be one of the best decisions I would make……

After a few emails exchanges the date became closer, we moved to SMS where a few cheeky messages were exchanged. The date came and I was super nervous, after knocking on the door of her apartment I could here the click of her heels getting closer. My heart rate stepped up a notch and she opened the door…….WOW, a beautiful petite blonde, perfect body in a tight black dress with some amazing stilettos. She was just what I was looking for and more. I could not stop staring…….

Larissa poured me a scotch to quench my nerves but it wasn’t working. We sat on the lounge for a chat and it wasn’t long before she slid a little closer and leaned in for a kiss. Instantly my nerves were gone so gentle, actually AMAZING! Just like the remaining 90mins the passion was GFE level, like we had known each other for years. From her amazing lingerie to her heart felt cuddles at the end, I tell you guys, a true GFE!

It is a true quality to be able to give yourself up to someone you have never met. I hope you guys all appreciate what these girls do for us……

Larissa, thank you so much for having me, I guarantee we will catch up for another ‘date’ soon 😉
J x

J ~ Scarlet Blue

26 September 2016

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Larissa a few times in the past couple of months.

She’s very adventurous and knows how to take our sessions up a notch every time. I leave feeling satisfied, but also slightly unsatisfied because I’m already looking forward to our next booking.

Our last session included a school girl roleplay scenerio which gives me an itch thinking about what will be next (which I leave up to her to surprise me with).

I will leave out the sex details out of respect. But if you’re looking for a petite blonde who enjoys what she does, then I highly recommend Larissa.

Thank you for all our wonderful sessions. I’m looking forward to our next adventure. See you soon..

Gerard ~ Scarlet Blue

12 September 2016

I have seen many women over the years but there is something refreshing about Larissa that you can’t explain. She can keep you intrigued for days. Sweet and innocent but yet highly intelligent. All I can say is, Larissa you are truly a rare find with the purest heart. Also your cheekiness its contagious! You say I’m cheeky, but you bring that playful side out in me. I smile every time I think of you.

Thank you, yours truly J

JJ ~ Private Girls

24 July 2016

I have been an admirer of Larissa ever since her Scarlet Blue profile caught my eye. So when a business trip to Sydney came up on my calendar, I decided a visit to see Larissa was in order.

Initial communication was via email with a request to see her for 1 hr PSE with an option to extend if we got along. Her reply was within 48 hours, and she was very happy to accommodate to my requests and a play date was set. Deposit details were sent and taken care of and the waiting game began. Throughout the day leading up to our date, playful and suggestive texts were exchanged, with the odd sexy selfie. Her replies might be slow, as I understand she has a professional day job.

On the day of the booking, a simple text confirmation with address details given for the evening’s play date. I arrived at her incall place and texted that I was here. She replied with a text that she was running 5 minutes late. 10 minutes later I received a text that she was ready and to come up.

As I knocked on her door, the nerves kicked in, you know the ones I’m talking about. But all that changed when the door opened and what stood before me was a very sexy, petite blonde with the biggest smile. As they say, her photos do not do her justice. She was dressed in low cut black dress and looked amazingly hot.

Financials exchanged and we moved and sat next to each other on the couch to get to know each other. Within minutes she pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss. She’s a great kisser with just the right amount of tongue. She suggested I take a shower, and I did.. very quickly.

As I came out of the shower she kneeled down and literally ripped the towel off and started to devoured me. Her BBBJ was slow and intense, just the way I like it. I had to stop her a few times, as I didn’t want to cum too quickly, and suggested we moved to the bedroom.

Into the bedroom, we kissed again like old time lovers and I removed her dress slowly to reveal a sexy black lingerie set. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I laid her on the bed. This time it was my turned to devoured her. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her body was tight. She smelt and tasted divine. I could have DATY her forever. We swapped around for some 69 action. Again her BBBJ skills are amazing and it wasn’t long before I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed it to completion. She seemed to enjoyed this as she gave me a cheeky smile afterwards.

We sat on the bed and chatted for a bit. She’s very intelligent and a great conversationalist and we covered a wide range of topics including Aussie hip hop lol. I was enjoying her company so much that I asked if I could extend, and she said yes.

The next hour or so we had some of the best intense sex and every position imaginable. There is no better sex between two people when there’s a connection. The highlight and there were many that night, was when we were fucking on the dining table and she begged me to cum on her face. As I was about to cum, I pulled out and blew all over her face. Again she slowly licked my cum while looking at me with her cheeky smile. The 2 hours I’ve spent with Larissa was one of the best punts of my life.

Would I return again? Hell yes, I can’t wait for my next trip to Sydney. If you’re looking for a genuine, beautiful girl who loves what she does. Then I highly recommend her. Her bedroom skills are better than most escorts that I have seen or experienced, and her slim tight body is built for sex.

If you’re reading this Larissa. Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable time.

Mr_X ~ Punter Planet

28 June 2016